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Concepts, video & stills. My Portfolio

Helen Vechurko

creative director

Introducing the portfolio of the author of the Diaries by HelenV.
Helen Vechurko, creative director with the camera.

“We don’t buy t-shirts, magazines, or hotel stays, we buy emotions. I don’t offer a service to sell your goods. I create stories on people and objects that evoke a desire to become a part of the image.”

Over her 15-year career in content production, Helen has crafted her vision as a stylist, fashion editor, shooting producer, director, photographer, and PR director.

She is the one behind the creative concept of every project in her portfolio.
As a visionary leader, Helen demonstrates a proven ability to conceptualize ideas and execute creative projects that resonate with her client’s goals and brand identity. She ensures that the final output effectively communicates the desired message, leaving a lasting impact on audiences.